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River Fishing

A couple of weeks ago we headed down to the North Saskatchewan River to do some fishing with probably one of the best guides around…my uncle. He is one of the best fisherman I know, even wins a competition here and there!  He has spent his life hunting and fishing[…]

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BBQ’d Cornish Game Hens

I have been wanting to cook up something different for a while and when I saw the cornish game hens, I knew that was what I wanted to cook up! I don’t cook up much game birds simply because no one else in my family likes them.  My husband, who[…]

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Pulled BBQ Chicken

While I am a huge fan of moose meat, I mean that’s our family’s main staple of protein, I do enjoy switching it up a bit.  Typically my other choice of protein is chicken, but I know my husband gets bored of the plain old chicken recipes. I pulled out[…]

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